Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Finally, after years of hearing about how great the Fringe was, I was able to experience this festival. I had only pre-booked tickets for Trevor Noah, who was absolutely AMAZING!!! I had accidentally arrived at the venue early, which turned out to be a good thing – the queue ended up being very long. While walking around Edinburgh during the Fringe, I saw posters for Stephen K Amos, so I ended up buying tickets for his show aswell – which again, was hilarious. Alot of the big comics use the Fringe to try out new material and see which jokes get an applause and which ones don’t. There were alot of performances along the Royal Mile – both music and theatre. Towards the bottom half of the Mile (away from the castle), there were stages set up with allocated performances during timeslots; here there were also allocated corners for busking. I thought this set-up was amazing, it ensured every performer was heard and had their moment. I noticed that people also had very interesting ways of handing out flyers (see photos below).

Below are a few videos that I shot during the Fringe, they aren’t the best quality but you can at least experience the Fringe!

I wish I could have gone to more gigs, but I still managed to see loads given the short period that I was there. The Fringe Festival was a creative hotspot for performers from all genres of the arts – particularly my favourite: COMEDY!


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Beaches of Porto

The beaches of Porto remind me of the beaches back home in Australia – particularly from the South Coast (where I come from). The sand beneath my toes and the warmth of the sun was simply amazing!

We caught the bus that goes along the river (sorry I don’t remember the number…) and we made our way to Matosinhos beach. It wasn’t over crowded yet there were quite a few people at the beach. There was a little bit of wind, but the locals had that covered – I noticed that when people first arrived at the beach they would erect “wind stoppers” and sit on one side, brilliant idea! We walked along the coast and we encountered a fishing area – there were loads and loads of restaurants along the street that were barbecuing the seafood. We wanted to get away from the smoke, we finally found a fish restaurant and had one of the best lunches ever! The seafood was amazing: SO FRESH!

The next day my friend wasn’t feeling so well, so I left her at the Airbnb and medicated her and made my way to Sao Bento train station. I bought a ticket Miramar (didn’t cost much and it only took about 20mins to get there!). Miramar was absolutely beautiful!!! The first thing I noticed was a tiny chapel on the beach. People were scattered and this beach wasn’t as busy as the previous day. I settled down and had some lunch that I’d packed. During this time, my feet absolutely burned (it was only 20mins!!!). There were a few cafes and restaurants on the promenade, so if you don’t pack a lunch you can always find food close by….

The beaches of Porto were very beautiful and reminded me of home – too bad my feet got burnt…


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Yachting town of Antibes

I love all things boats – if you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll get the hint… I mean even all my clothes are navy, shades of blue and red… So when I arrived in Antibes, I was delighted!

Getting there from Nice is super easy – it’s a direct train and it’s relatively cheap. The station is about a 10-15min walk to the town centre and you pass by the port/harbour. As I was walking along the harbour, I was in awe of all the beautiful yachts! and surprisingly, they mostly had English flags, clearly all holidayers… As I explored the harbour, I decided that going on a yachting holiday in the south of France is definitely going on my bucket list. The boats were oh so so nice! In the distance you can see a fortress atop a small hill – I was planning on going over there to explore but I got slightly sidetracked by all the boats…

After the harbour, I randomly made my way over to the town centre and came across the town market which was buzzing! There was mainly fresh produce – I bought a punnet of cherries and weaved my way through the markets…

Next, I walked along the coastline and came across a beach. I heard ALOT of German and English being spoken (which to be honest surprised me!). There were alot of families in Antibes, it gave me the impression that things were alot slower here and way more quiet – ideal for families…

Antibes is definitely worth the trip – I think next time I go to Cote d’Azur, I will stay in this town. Such a nice vibe and less crowded… (also, probably alot cheaper…!)

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Tile (Azulejos) painting in Lisbon

When you’re in Lisbon, the first thing that strikes you is the tiles – they’re EVERYWHERE! they are beautifully painted and cover the facade of apartments in the city. The most common colours I saw were the blue and white ones with geometrical patterns, so so nice!

So my friend who is a local, booked us in to a tile painting class (teacher’s details are below) or Azulejos as the Portuguese would say… The class only cost 15EU where we painted two tiles. She had drawn the pattern on with lead pencil and she demonstrated how we should paint and how dark each section should be. It was really nice in that it was only us three and the teacher. Her English was good enough and she had even researched the correct English words to use – which impressed me, it showed that she cared…

In the end, we all painted a village woman and for my second one I chose to paint a yacht (I love boats!). She had to put them into the kiln so we didn’t get a chance to get them back as we were leaving the next day. However, the teacher dropped them off to my friends house and has them safely (soon to be picked up on another trip to Portugal…). I filmed a bit when the teacher was instructing/demonstrating (apologies for the low light…) and I’ve inserted this video below.

I definitely DEFINITELY recommend attending a tile painting workshop! It’s not difficult and it’s alot of fun – plus it’s actually relaxing. Plus it’s a cultural thing – so go for it!

Azulejos Artisticos

Marie Caroline Vidal


No: 934 144 520

Facebook: Workshop-de-Azulejos