Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Finally, after years of hearing about how great the Fringe was, I was able to experience this festival. I had only pre-booked tickets for Trevor Noah, who was absolutely AMAZING!!! I had accidentally arrived at the venue early, which turned out to be a good thing – the queue ended up being very long. While walking around Edinburgh during the Fringe, I saw posters for Stephen K Amos, so I ended up buying tickets for his show aswell – which again, was hilarious. Alot of the big comics use the Fringe to try out new material and see which jokes get an applause and which ones don’t. There were alot of performances along the Royal Mile – both music and theatre. Towards the bottom half of the Mile (away from the castle), there were stages set up with allocated performances during timeslots; here there were also allocated corners for busking. I thought this set-up was amazing, it ensured every performer was heard and had their moment. I noticed that people also had very interesting ways of handing out flyers (see photos below).

Below are a few videos that I shot during the Fringe, they aren’t the best quality but you can at least experience the Fringe!

I wish I could have gone to more gigs, but I still managed to see loads given the short period that I was there. The Fringe Festival was a creative hotspot for performers from all genres of the arts – particularly my favourite: COMEDY!


IMG_3512 copy

IMG_4038 copy

IMG_3537 copy

IMG_3564 copy

IMG_3595 copy

IMG_3690 copy

IMG_3489 copy

IMG_3483 copy

IMG_4027 copy

IMG_4025 copy

IMG_3208 copy

IMG_3486 copy

IMG_3279 copy

IMG_3395 copy

IMG_3576 copy

IMG_3473 copy

IMG_3476 copy

IMG_3501 copy

IMG_3468 copy

IMG_3412 copy

IMG_3566 copy

IMG_3472 copy

IMG_4034 copyIMG_4100 copy


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