The Bucket List

This list will be constantly updated, all thanks to my National Geographic Traveller magazine subscription…

  1. See the Emperor penguins in Antarctica
  2. See the Northern Lights in Norway
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro, Africa
  4. Go on an African safari
  5. See the sunrise on the Ganges in India
  6. Go on a sailing trip on the Croatians Islands with a group of friends
  7. See the sunrise at the Taj Mahal, India
  8. See Stonehenge, England
  9. Go to La Tomatina in Buoyol, Spain
  10. Go to a masquerade ball in Venice, Italy
  11. Vespa through Rome, Italy
  12. Walk the Cinque Terre trail coastline, Italy
  13. Visit Monet’s Garden, France
  14. Hike the Inca Trail, Macchu Piccu in Peru
  15. Rent a campervan and go on a road trip around New Zealand with friends
  16. See the Great Wall of China
  17. See the Terracotta Warriors in China
  18. Visit Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia
  19. Attend the Lantern Festival (Yi Peng) in Thailand
  20. Go diving on the Great Barrier Reef on a live-aboard boat QLD, Australia
  21. Drive along the Great Ocean Rd and see the 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia
  22. Visit Tokyo, Japan
  23. See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  24. Climb Mt Fuji, Japan
  25. See Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil
  26. See the Alahambra in Grenada, Spain
  27. Go island hopping on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  28. See Patagonia, Argentina
  29. Go skydiving in Dubai
  30. Hot air ballooning above the fairy chimneys in Nevsehir, Turkey
  31. Watch the F1 Grand Prix with awesome seats in Monaco


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