Magical Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Firstly, make sure you buy your train ticket 2 days (or so) before the race. As I was catching a train from Nice to Monte Carlo, I had bought my train tickets the day I arrived in Nice (2 days prior to the race). I arrived at the train station and low and behold a massive queue! Surprisingly, I didn’t have to wait too long and before I knew it, I was on the train, on my way to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix!

I checked my ticket to see which end I had to leave the platform and honestly it doesn’t matter too much. I had to collect my ticket anyway. I completely forgot to check the collection point, but my feet remembered where to go from last time! Upon collecting my ticket, I made my way over to a stand (mind you there are ALOT of them) and bought myself a pair of ear plugs. Even though the cars weren’t as loud as they used to be, it was still deafening….

I had missed the Porsche race and even the first 10 laps or so of the Renault race. But I made my way to my section and was seated. Let me describe my surroundings: on my right hand side I had full view of the pit lane, infront of me was the general admission area (I felt sorry for those peasants as I was seated there last year and I knew how they felt!), abit to the left was the iconic grandstand (K I think), then to the right was the harbour with all the swish boats and behind me was the pool. Yes I was in the Pool Complex. SUCH AWESOME SEATS!!!

So the Renault race had to restart due to the massive accident – so I guess I was lucky in that I got to see that whole race. The car that got totalled was actually lifted off the track with a crane, so we actually saw a car hanging mid-air! As this race ended, people in orange jump suits lined the track. I then understood that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene must be coming out (these people were the safety measures) to do a lap in a nice blue super car. They waved as they went past. Next up were the racers: I was cheering for the Aussie Daniel Ricciardo in Team Red Bull. They were all in a bus and were being interviewed (we could see it on the screen infront of us).

Not long after the race began – and off they went! It was amazing! Round and around they went – I was lucky that I had three bends in my vision. Seeing the racers coming out of of the second bend always had me thinking “oh no, that was close” but they know this track fairly well… Then again, this track is so unforgiving that one little tiny mistake will cost you the race. And thats what happened to Alonso and Massa, both whom crashed at various stages of the race. Hamilton was in the lead the entire time, but after the second crash he went into pit lane, which I really did not understand why. The safety car came out and did a few laps and then there were only 5 or so laps to go. His team mate Nico, very smartly, didn’t go into the pit and finished the race as winner! YAAY! second time I got to see this amazing racer win the Monaco Grand Prix! Hamilton is a sore loser, he didn’t even stay and chat after the podium, nor did he shake the cliche champagne bottle… he sulked his way off… I stayed right till the end and watch all the interviews etc.

I exited the track and slowly made my way back to the train station. I came across a jazz band in the middle of the street and they were so cheerful and happy. Alot of people had stopped and some even begun to dance – it was really awesome!

The streets of Monaco following the race were very joyful and fun – very festive atmosphere!

The Monaco Grand Prix is just magical – if you like motorsports I would definitely DEFINITELY recommend going, at least once if your life time. AND make sure you get good seats, otherwise you won’t enjoy the experience….

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