Funky street art of Melbourne

I love street art – living in the UK I am very lucky to see some of the best in the world eg. Banksy. But I must admit, Melbourne has got some really really good street artists.

So I began my mission with a latte in hand (yes I went to Lorca at Centre Pl again and the same hipster barista made my coffee AGAIN!!) and wandered over to the well-known lanes: ACDC and Union. I got to see a piece by Vexta (the skull with the fluoro geometric shapes) who is my favourite street artist – I even met her a few years ago at Circular Quay in Sydney where there was a street artists festival, she was super cool! In general, I did see some nice work here but the crowds were annoying me…

I walked up near RMIT (in the north of the city) as Google had told me that there was street art in this area. Indeed, I saw amazing work here. My favourite were the cardboard cut outs – so creatively cute! It didn’t take me long to see all the work in this area though…

Not feeling satisfied, I decided to catch a tram to Brunswick St which is the main/high street of the suburb Fitzroy. As I got off the tram, I immediately saw a huge piece on the side of a café and I thought oh my word this is definitely the place to be! I was very excited to see so many large pieces here – just about every building had artwork. To be honest, I simply didn’t know what the best way was to capture the street art… I was getting strange looks from all the chefs that were having a break in the laneways (SLRs sure are loud!) but they didn’t bother me – I was having too much fun!

I came across a car park (The Rose Car Park) and I thought I had hit the jackpot! It was entirely covered with street art and I don’t mean just skillful tags, these were actual graphics – TRULY AMAZING!! I think I spent about half an hour in the car park just admiring all the work…

I was short for time so I didn’t get to explore the other suburbs of Melbourne for street art. Brunswick St is only a short tram ride (max. 15mins) from the city and you will definitely see some brilliant street art there. Sure the lane ways in the city also have some amazing work, but these are mostly tags and are overcrowded with people… With latte in hand, I truly did have an amazing street art experience in Melbourne and I definitely recommend it!



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